Teen India is Beauty Pageants for Teen Fashion Models of ages 15-19 years, We provide a huge promising platform for Female models to pursue their modeling career. Through these pageants, we will embrace the inner and outer beauty and promote the spirit of volunteerism. Our goal is to present role models armed with self-growth and empowerment for our younger generation. Over the years we are planning to create a unique platform for Indian models to represent India.

All of you have grown up listening to fairy tales and imagined yourself in the place of the lovely princess in the story. A princess with a stunning satin robe and tiara on her head that adds sparkle to her enigmatic beauty. All of us have transmigrated into this land of dreams at some point or the other, but here is an opportunity to step out of the dream world and become the princess of the real world.

Teen India is a national-level teenage beauty pageant that will select 5 girls to represent India at the best International beauty pageants for teenagers.

The Brand TEEN INDIA is aimed at being India’s Next Big Trend-setting Platform for young girls of India. In contrast to the youth TV shows that are popular in today’s society. Teen India will set positive standards for inspiration on the level and class of the symbolic legendary years of Miss India.

Over thousands of girls from all across the country will be auditioned over 10 cities and the best of them will make it to the TOP 25 finalists of the year, who will then be groomed by national and international celebrities and expert mentors who will help recreate the image of an adolescent Indian girl, completely reformed in beauty, fitness, intelligence, character, and culture.

The winners of the national pageant will represent India at International beauty pageants across Panama, Mexico, Ecuador, and the Americas.